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Finding or Recovering Your Musical Self

- Do you feel that you are tone deaf and want to change it? (you can)
- Have you studied music but feel blocked or have lost the fun of playing?
- Are you a professional musician struggling to regain the joy that brought you into your field?

There are answers and solutions to these problems that are close by and easier than you might think.

I believe that active and participatory music playing is one of the great joys of living. However, many of us are wandering around with blockages or reasons for why we don't participate in music -- whether it's picking up that guitar, playing in a band, or just singing in the shower.

"You gave me the confidence not just to sing and play but to really explore, to go deeper into my experience of music."
-Anne R., Silver Spring, MD
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It has been my great pleasure to work with clients in the last 15 years, whether beginners, amateurs, mid-level and professional musicians, to find or rediscover the joy of playing music. So, what's the difference between what I'm offering and a music lesson? Well, it's listening, (gentle) advice, and a lot of compassion. Issues related to music can run deep which is as it should be -- music deeply effects our emotions and our soul. Ultimately, it is my hope to help you along your path. After all, 'playing music' has the word 'play' in it for a reason. Let's have some fun playing with music! More information about individual Sessions.

The ear and hearing is the most potent sense of the human body

The ear which is connected with the vestibular system was one of the first senses to develop in our evolution so it should be of little surprise that its connection to the brain and body should be very "heavily wired", more so than our other senses. More.

There's no such thing as Tone Deafness!

In all the years I've been working with clients I have yet to meet anyone who has not been able to quickly learn or refine their ability to match pitch (and also rhythm). I have found in most cases that there is usually someone from the past, often a music teacher who assigned the label 'tone deaf' and unfortunately that arrow finds its mark and sticks. I believe it's important to realize that our relationship to sound and our voice is important and worthy of protection and compassion. There may be other causes of tone deafness too which I can help you identify and then we can quickly go to work on tuning up! Click here to read more about pitch and/or rhythm matching sessions.

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