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Finding or Recovering Your Musical Self

Hearing and the Ear: A potent and heavily wired sense

If we trace the evolution of Homo sapiens back to its early origins we find that the vestibular apparatus -- of knowing physical space and movement -- was one of the first senses to appear. The ear is an extension of this system and therefore part of the original sensory apparatus. The evolutionary importance of the ear and hearing is clearly demonstrated by physiological research:

- The ear is the only sensory organ that has a direct physiological link to every major organ system in the body. No other sense organ has this kind of connection or impact on the entire body.

- The number of connections between ear and brain is twice that of the eye/brain system.

We Are Currently Visually Dominant

I believe we live in an era of visual dominance and the role of sound is given less regard despite the fact that all of the sounds around us -- music, sound, noise, and voice are impacting us all of the time. Some specific senses can be definitively closed off if we choose:

- Close your eyes and/or go into a dark room and litte/no light will go through the eyes and register in the brain.

- Plug your nose and mouth and you will neither taste nor smell.

However, plug your ears with earplugs and you will only be blocking some of the sound coming into the ear. And we'll still hear plenty even with earplugs or headphones covering the outer ear. Any sound/vibration will still be effecting the human body on the macro and micro levels, i.e. the whole body all the way down to the individual cells and possibly our DNA. And there's no such thing as 'no sound' to the body. Our ears and bodies are continually effected by sound and vibration, every second of the day and night whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Sound Sessions

The content of private sessions varies from person to person. Whether the sessions are about listening, matching pitch, improving your relationship with your voice and music, one thing often comes through. After just one session a lot of people report to me that they hear ambient sounds, music, noise, voices, etc. differently; they're more dimensional. But, more importantly they're aware they're noticing more in the quality of all sound. I think this has a couple of important ramifications for us. As we listen on a deeper level we can make informed decisions about the sounds we want to keep around us and the sounds we can consciously remove from our environment.

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