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Finding or Recovering Your Musical Self


- What is a typical sound session like?
- How do the sound sessions work?
- How do I know if a sound session is for me?
- Setting up a safe space and having fun!

What is a typical sound session like?

The focus of sound sessions is different from person to person. Before any session I like to take the time to listen to your goals and consider some of the most beneficial exercises, lessons and ideas. Often, I think it is important for sound sessions to go where they need to go. In other words, if we start a session focusing on one aspect of music and it becomes clear that there is something more important for us to focus on, we can head in the direction that will be of maximum benefit to you.

To give some examples of what I've worked on with clients:

For beginners:
- I often work with matching pitch (being able to sing in tune) if people believe they're tone deaf. I always make the process as relaxing and fun as possible. I've had a 100% success rate with teaching pitch matching.
- Sometimes there are small matters of technique or technical/mechanical issues with your instrument. Sometimes the smallest adjustment to posture or fix for your instrument can make all the difference in the world.
- Maybe there is some obstacle preventing you from getting started with your music, whether it's an internal blockage, or whether it has something to do with the instrument you're using, or whether it's a physical issue like proper posture, or breathing.

For all levels:
- Possibly reviewing your musical history (we all have them!) and identifying any blockages or situations that might have discouraged your music.
- Examining your relationship with your musical instrument, and this may include your voice. For example, do you enjoy the particular instrument you play? Can you improve it? Is it time to add inspiration to your playing by investing in a better instrument?
- Performance: Working on any issues related to stage fright or performance anxiety. Are you playing the music/instrument you like? Is there a better venue? (there are many)
- Relationships: I believe that one of the essential things that music boils down to is communication. So, unless your music is for you and you only, chances are good that your music happens in relationship with someone, whether it is a music teacher, band mates, anyone within listening range, or an auditorium full of people.
- Relaxation and breathing: Are you tensing up when you play music? Are you holding your breath, or aware of its relationship to your music?
- Posture: Because sessions are remote, my ability to assist you may vary depending on what instrument you're playing. Often there are complimentary arts (Yoga, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, etc.) that can be of help and I may be able to give suggestions for these.
- Attitudes: Is there something about your attitude or mindset that's preventing you from moving forward or enjoying what you're doing? This may tie into your musical history, but not necessarily.

How do the sound sessions work?

Without any investment or risk, it's easy to find out whether a sound session is for you or not. There are two parts:

First, I like to have a free 10 minute phone consultation where you can ask questions and together we can decide whether or not we want to have a session. If the answer is 'yes,' then here's the next step:

Sound Sessions are 50 minutes long and are conducted via Skype. I like to utilize both the audio and visual aspects for the sesssion. There is some basic equipment, specifications and software you'll need, but for most relatively new computers (tablets, even smartphones) this shouldn't be too difficult. There's more information directly from Skype. There is also a little more info about specs here. Please make sure that you have at least the minimum specs required for Skype so that our session isn't compromised by lag or technical issues. Also, we'll need to get connected (on each other's contact list) which we can do during our initial phone consultation or at the beginning of the session.

Sound sessions are $85 for 50 minutes. Payment options are by check or PayPal.

Discounted rates are available if you decide to pay for multiple sessions in advance. For more information about this please feel free to email.

How do I know if a sound session is for me?

Please feel free to email and ask any questions. If you decide you might be interested in a session, we'll arrange a 10 minute phone conversation where you can ask any questions about the sessions, and from there we can decide whether we want to have a sound session or not. There's no risk in inquiring, so please feel free to email and ask questions!

Setting up a safe space and having fun!

Creating a comfortable space is of utmost importance. After we become more comfortable, it's time to go to work, but, by 'work' I mean to say 'play!'

And, I feel compelled to mention the following:

  • I have rarely met a person more reluctant to sing or musically perform than myself. For me, the process has been gradual; a matter of learning a new skill and gradually gaining confidence and comfort at the same time.

  • Mistakes are great! In decades of music study, this is one lesson that has finally become very clear. If we're learning to match pitch, making a 'mistake' can simply be regarded as information -- it tells us something about the ear/mind and how to proceed. And, at a more advanced level, mistakes in music, when properly regarded, are a place to change, evolve and enjoy.

    Sorta like music lessons, but with Compassion

    I know that in my journey there were teachers or elders, even well-meaning ones, who created large road blocks with just a simple negative comment. And I've seen for many that a simple label of 'tone deaf' from an old school teacher is a brand that perniciously sticks for life. I think this is a delicate area for us, which is why I always bring listening and compassion to the sessiosn so that I can assist you where you are and in a way that honors your heart and soul.

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