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Finding or Recovering Your Musical Self

Some resources relating to Sound and Sound Healing:

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- Sound Healers Association

- Bernie Krause gives a brief but comprehensive TED talk about his experiences of recording nature and wildlife for the last 40 years. Of particular significance is the instance where a before and after recording of selective logging has had no apparent visual effect on a forest but has clearly had a noticeable and devastating effect on the animal life. Of particular interest to anyone who's interested in saving animal life and extinction: Bernie Krause

- This American Life, an NPR story about sounds in our everyday environment and how they may affect us. Act 2, "audio" portion of the show.

Some great resources about Sound, Music and Healing:

Simply the finest book about sound/music and its relation to our well-being and spirit that I've ever read:

"The Mysticism of Sound and Music" by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Possibly one of the best primers on the nature of sound and sound healing as it is being discovered/relearned in the west:

"Healing Sounds" by Jonathan Goldman

A deceptively simple book which effectively covers the entire field of toning which includes discussion of breathing, the important role of daily toning as well as the many natural aspects of the breath and vocalization which have been suppressed in modern life:

"Toning: The Creative Power of the Voice" by Laurel Elizabeth Keyes

An all-encompassing book on the role of sound in our lives. Of particular interest -- an analysis and description of the effects of the vowels and consonants we use in everyday speach:

"The Healing Power of the Human Voice" by James D'Angelo

Alfred Tomatis was an ear surgeon of the mid-20th century and his ideas about the ear were so radical that they're only now beginning to be understood. One of his fundamental thesis -- the function of the ear is to charge the brain!

"The Conscious Ear" by Alfred Tomatis

Bernie Krause's book about 40 years of recording 'in the field' and the impact the acoustic, and therefor biological impact that humankind has had on the environment:

"The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places" by Bernie Krause

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