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Finding or Recovering Your Musical Self

The following come from interviews with former/current clients. These testimonials run the spectrum from complete novice to seasoned professional. Most testimonials are small excerpts, and most have an option to read a larger section from the testimonial.

What can be seen from many of these are the initial fears (totally normal!), and then comfort, enjoyment and learning.

How was your first session?
"Your demeanor and your personality really put me at ease.  I didn't feel judgement from you.  I didn't get the sense that perfection was the goal.  I remember you saying "If you don't get the note right away, then just move to it."  So then, just my awareness that I wasn't matching pitch became a success in itself.  It feels like you don't bring ego to it or judgement, you just feel really present so it felt like a safe place to be imperfect."

"What I felt was the most powerful of all, are the parallels to life.  We could have one discovery in a music sense and it applies to what I'm trying to work through in my daily life, but it's so much more fun to do with music."
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- Anne R., Silver Spring, MD
[Anne first started our sessions as a novice and today is an in-demand vocalist/performer.]

What specific results did you get from our sessions?
"One of the things that stuck with me was when we were working on breathing because we were singing long tones and I was realizing how little of my lung capacity I was using to set up for them, and it was a struggle. I remember, sitting on the piano stool, getting my lower back to expand out and fill with breath. I could feel exactly where the tension was. And I had done breathing exercises, meditation and martial arts and stuff before, but the type of strength you need to project out of your lungs is only somewhat in control in terms of your skeletal muscles. So, just trying to take a deep breath being a big challenge for me was an eye-opener. For many months after that I was being really diligent about when I had spare time and was bored and (in the line of the grocery store) trying to expand the lower part of my back, and just getting more air on a day-to-day basis. And I definitely noticed a big difference on how I felt on a day-to-day basis."
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- Sasha T., Tucson, AZ
[Sasha is proficient in multiple instruments and currently teaches and performs.]

"When I learned guitar, I was self-taught, but what helped at the beginning and not knowing anything at the beginning, and not knowing anything about the instrument.  Rob Ploger made a great suggestion to focus on learning 3 chords and playing those 3 chords over and over again, switching between them and just doing that.  And he showed me 3 chords, which were C - G - D, and it was a great way to get started because in doing that I effectively learned how to move my fingers over the strings.   After that, I was very quickly able to learn new chords and teach myself new songs.  This was fun and was a great way to start becoming a musician and I would never have known how to do it without having met Rob."
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- Steve H., Boston, MA
[Steve has had a spectacular trajectory. From starting on square one with the guitar, to learning chords, playing songs, singing, songwriting and ultimately performing.]

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